The Manc - Man receives 700 quid worth of pints at Wetherspoons for nothing"

Man receives 700 quid worth of pints at Wetherspoons for nothing

JD Wetherspoons

When the Wetherspoons app came out a few years ago it was a revelation.

It allowed us to embrace our laziness, and climbing 20 flights of stairs to go to the loo wasn't an issue as not going to the bar every half an hour allowed us to conserve energy. Technology is great.

But one thing that perhaps said app has become quite notorious for, is getting free shit. It's called the Wetherspoons Game and it doesn't half stress out their bar staff.


Of course, the ability to post your table number online and have people buy drinks (and food) for you – which are then sent to your table – is great for the suits that run the pub chain, but the fine hospitality staff who run your local Spoons do not find it funny.

And I imagine this was the case in Mold (just an hour down the road) over the weekend when one man managed to rack up £700 worth of bevs by slapping his table number on Twitter.


Posting on Twitter, Karl Phillips revealed he was heading for a pint in The Gold Cape Wetherspoons pub in Mold.

It was only 10.40am, but after revealing his table number, '54', Karl, also known as 'The Captain' on social media, started racking up the pints.

Long story short, by 11.14am he had to tweet the following: "Well fcuk dis shit Jesus wept who keeps sending me drinks they piling up like fcuk lads."

We're guessing he had a few at this point.

The tweets kept rolling in as Karl continued to be inundated with alcoholic beverages, and it wasn't even lunch time yet...

I'm not going to lie, as someone who is two weeks into a reluctant dry January stint, I'm completely jealous of Karl's day, which, if the following tweet is anything to go by, ended pretty strongly.

At 1.25am he tweeted: "Bunch of fcukers I’ve just woke up fcuk me I was in hell of a mess cheers."

And that's the last we heard of Karl.

Hopefully he stuck to his word and managed to give a few quid to charity after generating close to a grand on pints.

What a hero. The Wetherspoons Game is alive and well.

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