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Breakout Manchester launches at-home escape rooms delivered to your door

This new way to enjoy escape rooms is the perfect solution for February half term.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 12th February 2021
Breakout Unboxed

With February half term just around the corner and lockdown still looming over us, finding new ways to entertain the kids is getting much harder.

But one Manchester venue has launched a potential solution.

Breakout – the live action centre that tasks visitors with finding their way out of locked spaces – has started delivering escape rooms direct to doors around the region via Breakout Unboxed.

After the success of the brand’s virtual escape room experiences, Breakout Unboxed first launched in November 2020 to offer customers a new way to complete puzzles from the comfort of their own homes.

The latest game, The Wizard’s Apprentice, launched last Friday – putting a mythical spin on a variety of original challenges to test people’s problem-solving skills.


Breakout’s game message reads: “Do you possess Magic within you? Are you ready to go on an epic magical journey to find out. Maybe you are the next Wizard’s Apprentice!”

Breakout Unboxed games are suitable for all ages 8+ – rendering the at-home escape rooms a potentially solid candidate for a weekend family activity.


There’s also hints and solutions available online, so you won’t be stuck for hours on the same puzzle.

The plan is to apparently launch new Breakout Unboxed game every two months – which can be purchased individually or enjoy as part of a subscription.

Find out more information and how to play on the Breakout Unboxed website.