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Immersive ‘out of water’ shark experience with life-sized models to make UK debut at Chester Zoo

The UK's largest charity zoo is inviting people to "sink their teeth" into the new exhibition.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd May 2023

The world’s most innovative ‘out of water’ shark experience is heading to the UK, and it’s set to make its debut at Chester Zoo later this month.

Visitors heading to the UK’s largest charity zoo this summer will be some of the first in the country to get to make the most of the brand-new immersive exhibition known as Planet Shark: Predator or Prey – which aims to highlight “the wonder of sharks”.

Working with global creative company, Grande Experiences, the new exhibition at the zoo will feature an impressive 360-degree underwater digital display, as well as life-sized shark models.

There’ll even be the jaws of a prehistoric megalodon shark, which is the largest fish ever recorded.

Set to showcase millions of years of evolution, Chester Zoo says the exhibition will also shine a light on the wide-ranging threats sharks face, such as ocean plastics and illegal shark fin trade, and conservationists hope it will leave people with “a new level of respect” for the ocean’s oldest and most effective predators.


“This groundbreaking exhibition could not have come at a better time,” admits Charlotte Smith, Director of Conservation Education & Engagement at Chester Zoo.

“Years of fishing pressures and misrepresentation have pushed many of the world’s shark species to the very brink of extinction, but the launch of Planet Shark: Predator or Prey aims to showcase these incredible animals in a whole new light, increase people’s understanding of the threats they face, and show how together we can ensure their future.”


Chester Zoo’s Head of Marketing, Helen Dean, says the new exhibition is to be produced on a size and scale “never seen before here in the UK”.

She added: “This is a unique experience that includes an immersive cinematic display delivered in a true 360-degree environment, life-size shark models cast from real animals, and extremely rare fossils dating back around 370 million years.

“As a wildlife conservation charity, we want to create a future where nature survives and thrives.


“This experience will leave our guests with a much deeper understanding of these magnificent, yet sadly misunderstood animals.”

The UK’s largest charity zoo is inviting people to “sink their teeth” into the new exhibition / Credit: Chester Zoo

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey will officially open on 25 May and will run until 31 October.

The exhibition will be free with normal zoo admission, and Chester Zoo is offering its members an exclusive preview of the exhibition between 15-24 May.

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