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Inside Chaos Karts, Manchester’s new go-karting experience that brings video games to life

Tickets are on sale now ready for its grand opening this week.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th August 2023

Manchester, put your foot down – Chaos Karts has arrived in town and it’s bringing your favourite video game to life.

The augmented reality go-karting experience will see you whizz your way around a track that changes after every race thanks to digital technology.

It means that one minute you’ll be zooming along a space-inspired race course dodging asteroids, and the next you’ll be drifting through secret tunnels on a gold mining track.

Chaos Karts takes inspiration from the hit video game Mario Kart, with racers collecting gems and power-ups as they race along each course.

You can then use power-ups like flying boxing gloves, slippery fried eggs, jet packs, and hammers to sabotage your opponents and take the crown.


Points are awarded for gems collected, most accurate strikes with the power-ups, and fastest laps.

Before hitting the track, players choose their own avatar and colour, which then determines what colour your go-kart is lit up in.


There are also arcade machines in the waiting area, featuring thousands of video games from years gone by and from consoles including original PlayStations and Nintendo 64s.

Chaos Karts has built a wooden go-kart for posing for pictures, too, and a 360-degree camera set-up for selfies pre- or post-race.

And soon enough, visitors will be able to help themselves to popcorn and soft serve ice cream.


You don’t have to wear helmets or jumpsuits either, so you can climb out of your kart and climb straight into the nearest bar afterwards.

Chaos Karts officially opens on Lower Byrom Street in Manchester city centre this Friday.

You can book your tickets now here.

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Featured image: The Manc Group