Pop-up cereal experience with ‘insta-museum and sensory rooms’ coming to Manchester

Immersive Events

Cereal lovers stand up, there's a variety pack of interactive cereal experiences heading to Manchester in the form of a single pop-up event.

The Cereal Factory is a 'pop-up Insta museum' dedicated to the celebration of all types of cereal – from all things sweet through to a series of amazing cereal-inspired sensory rooms.

Relive your childhood as you climb their Weetabix-inspired staircase, splash about in their giant Fruit Loop inspired ball pit and spin the 'Wheel Of Treats'.

Immersive Events

You can also take a swing surrounded by Corn Flakes, dance inside a giant Coco Cop bubble machine and pose for a 'cereal selfie' inside their Rice Crispy room.

Before you leave, don't forget to visit the cereal garden where you'll be able to bring your own cereal products to life. The garden will also include art by upcoming cereal artists.

It's a truly immersive and unique experience designed for both kids and adults.

Immersive Events

The event will be adults only in the evenings with a DJ and cereal-themed bar where you can indulge your sense even further with cereal-inspired cocktails. Cocktails include a Coco Puffs White Russian or a Fruit Loop Cosmo.

The experience will come to Manchester on Friday 12th until Sunday 14th with multiple sessions per day.

To find out more and get your tickets early, click here.

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