The Manc - You can watch a live autopsy in Manchester next month"

You can watch a live autopsy in Manchester next month


I bet at one point in your life you've stumbled upon an autopsy photo on Google.

Perhaps it was Tupac's alleged autopsy, after you tried to solve his murder as a young rap loving teen – or maybe it was the legendary Alien autopsy depicting a secret medical examination of an alien by the United States military.

Or maybe I'm just talking about my weird teenage years on dial-up internet. Either way, autopsies are not for the faint hearted, and have been a subject of intrigue for many years.


If, like me, you're a little bit weird and are one of those intrigued folk, the following event is definitely for you.

The Vivit Experience is the world's only travelling live post mortem experience, and it's coming to Manchester in April.

The live human body dissection experience offers front row seats to the hidden world of all things post mortem – and it's very realistic.


This once in a lifetime experience gives you access to nationally acclaimed clinical experts, doctors and PhD researchers at the cutting edge of anatomy and physiology.

"Live at our events we peel back the skin and, using real specimens, you'll embark on solving the mystery behind the mortality of our John Doe," their website states.

It's worth noting at this point that no real bodies are used in the live autopsies, but it doesn't really make a difference. This experience is intense, and very well put together.


If you've always fancied yourself as a bit of a crime scene investigator, or just generally interested by the human body, get yourself to The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University on Saturday 18th April.

Find out more and book your tickets here.

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