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Plans to open huge Museum of Illusions on Market Street in Manchester

This sounds mega.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 26th March 2024

Plans for a huge Museum of Illusions in the heart of Manchester have been revealed.

The museums, which already have sites across the globe, warp reality through perspective rooms, captivating installations and haunting images.

Expect halls of mirrors, rooms that appear to shrink or flip upside-down, and light installations where your shadows play tricks on you.

The fun and interactive Museum of Illusions has submitted plans to open on Market Street in Manchester city centre.

If approved, it will see the attraction take over the former Sports Direct shop on Market Street.


The first floor level would be the main museum space, alongside a shop, reception area, and a number of exhibition rooms, with a new shop front on the busy street outside.

It’s another addition to a city that is moving away from traditional retail spaces, with experiences like Urban Playground now operating out of former shop units.


The Museum of Illusions has more than 40 locations across the globe, with plenty more in the works.

Manchester is now also listed on the Museum of Illusions website, along with new openings in cities including Birmingham, Seattle, Marrakech and Copenhagen.

The flagship museum in Zagreb in Croatia has more than 70 exhibits filled with optical illusions and holograms.

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Featured image: Museum of Illusions