The Lottery Winners drop new music video with Shaun Ryder

There's a familiar setting and a famous lyric on show here too.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 16th February 2023

Local band The Lottery Winners have dropped a new music video for their latest single featuring Shaun Ryder, simply entitled, ‘Money’.

The Leigh-based four-piece are about to release their new album, A.R.T (Anxiety Replacement Therapy), their fifth record in what has been a whirlwind few years for the band who have shot to fame both on the Manchester music scene and the UK in general.

Having already teased some serious collaborations on this latest project as part of the announcement, not to mention their track with Frank Turner, ‘Start Again’, gaining the group a whole new audience, fans were understandably buzzing to see Shaun Ryder join the roster of feature artists.

This is how they teased it. Priceless.

Not only does the Happy Mondays and ‘Madchester’ icon offer up his vocals on the track — having apparently ad-libbed his parts and even chucking in the classic line from ‘Call The Cops’ for some added nostalgia — but, as you can see, he is very much the star of the show in the brilliantly shot music video.


Playing the lord of the manor (the very same Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby lives in, no less) as the band take on the role of a removal firm, Ryder is treated like the music royalty that he is throughout, with plenty of humour and energy running throughout.

The song is about something we can all relate to at the minute: “being skint”. Story of my life. That’s frontman Thom Rylance’s words, by the way, though it definitely makes the track feel like one for the moment.


Better still, the band are backing it up with their upcoming UK tour starting this April, having sold out several venues already with their affordable ticket prices. Well in, guys.

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While the band are obviously excited to see what people think of the rest of the album when it drops, they are still very much trying to get over having Shaun Ryder involved. Again, Thom’s words, not ours.

“SHAUN RYDER is on our single. How mental is that? Being in the studio with him was a very strange and wonderful experience. He gave me a conker that he had in his pocket for some reason. I love him. He’s a true Manchester music legend and truly is a genius.” Just Shaun Ryder things.


And if you haven’t watched how they chose to reveal their new album, with a hilariously nostalgic and impressively accurate recreation of 90s TV show, Art Attack, then look no further.

The Lottery Winners‘ new album, Anxiety Replacement Therapy, is due to release on April 28 and Ryder won’t be the only recognisable voice you’ll hear on the baker’s dozen of a tracklist.

From what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be another belter. You can pre-order HERE.

For now, you watch the full video for ‘Money’ featuring Shaun Ryder down below:

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