Teen busker Alex Spencer celebrates finishing his GCSEs with new single, ‘One Way Ticket’

The local lad is having the biggest year of his life right now.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 19th June 2023

Our favourite teenage busker, Alex Spencer, has not only finally finished his GCSEs but is celebrating the occasion with a brand new single called ‘One Way Ticket’.

It was only last month that young Alex Spencer released his first-ever single as a signed artist, ‘A Night To Waste’, and as if he hadn’t already had an impressive start to the year, the reception to the tune has only seen his profile getting even bigger.

The 16-year-old for Droylsden has been back playing at City Square in front of thousands of Blues, enjoying his first-ever headline gig and even making his TV debut by performing on Sky Sports News.

This lad is racing through them milestones at lightning speed.

Case and point: he’s now set to release his second single as part of the Modern Sky label — home to the likes of The Lottery Winners, The Coral, Brooke Combe and more — and it’s coming out this week.


As Alex explains, the song is “about the life of someone essentially a generation stuck in the same loop, in a system that repeats over and over again, according to those higher up who have our lives set out exactly how they want them to be”, and the battle for a sense of freedom from that.

Yep, this lad is already diving into some proper subject matter and what sums up that first real feeling of breaking free than that last exam and the first summer you spent after finishing school? God, those were the days — if we could roll back the years and bottle that feeling we would.


Here’s a little teaser of how it sounds:

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The track and music video officially drop on Wednesday, 21 June, so make sure to head on over to his YouTube channel to be one of the first to have a listen.

As the song goes, ‘school’s out for summer’ and this year Alex Spencer is providing the soundtrack.


Keep up the great work, Alex, you’re absolutely smashing it and we can’t wait to keep watching your career get bigger and bigger.

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Featured Image — Alex Spencer