Man finds flock of sheep in his garden after crazy weather in Greater Manchester from Storm Jocelyn

He thinks there were 12 but 'fell asleep counting'...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 26th January 2024

Storm Jocelyn battered the region earlier this week, sending wheelie bins flying, knocking down fences, and… depositing sheep in people’s driveways?

There really is never a dull day in Greater Manchester, as one man’s security footage will demonstrate.

Clips taken from a five hour span in the middle of the night earlier this week captured a flock of sheep taking refuge from the weather in someone’s garden.

The woolly creatures strolled casually onto the property of Mark Howarth, who lives on a normal residential street in Edenfield near Ramsbottom.

After making their way up his driveway, they huddled together in his garden and stayed put until the following morning.


Mark says there were around 12 of the cloud-like beasts outside his house, though added that he: “Fell asleep after counting 12..!”, which is a joke that makes Mark our favourite man of the week.

He told the Manchester Evening News that the sheep helped themselves to some of his grass and weeds while they were waiting for the storm to pass.


Watch the sheep hiding from Storm Jocelyn here:

Mark’s Ring doorbell system normally only picks up neighbourhood cats, so to find a flock of sheep must’ve been quite a surprise.

While storms that batter Greater Manchester can be devastating, us Mancs often find a way to make the best of the situatio

Who could forget the man who went swimming in his back garden, complete with armbands, when Storm Franklin flooded his land?


Or when people were running around Parklife with cardboard boxes for heads when the festival got hit with a huge thunderstorm?

Anyway, hopefully Mark’s sheep visitors have safely found their way back home post-Storm Jocelyn.

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Featured image: Mark Howarth