Chorlton restaurant launches enormous ‘batter platter’ chippy tea

Good lord, what a beast.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 21st February 2024

‘This chippy tea just isn’t quite big enough’, said no one ever – but Brewski’s gone and launched a new chippy-inspired platter anyway.

The much-loved Chorlton restaurant, famed for its outrageous boards and sharing platters, has now taken on the classic British takeaway favourite.

Enormous boards are piled high with battered fish, suet pudding, chip barms, mushy peas, scraps, and battered sausages – but all with a Brewski twist, naturally.

First up is the fish and chip staple, battered haddock. Here, it’s fried in a batter made with gin and Marmite, adding an umami flavour as well as a bit of colour.

And did you know that gin has a low boiling temperature, so it helps to get an even crispier batter platter.


Next up on the £55 Batter Platter are the chip butties, supersized with buffalo chicken poutine and perfect skin-on salty fries.

Whatever sauce you go for on your chippy tea usually, Brewski has an elevated version.


They’ve used a warming Katsu curry sauce and then made a gravy using the same base as their French onion soup, laced with brandy and port.

Another old-school staple is suet pudding – Brewski are serving theirs filled with beef shin and nduja ragu, which is steamed and brushed in garlic butter.

The battered sausage arrives with a coating of chipotle sour cream, bacon bits, and crispy onions, and the batter itself has tequila and nduja in it.


And something you won’t see at most chippies, but which will have us running back to Chorlton at the drop of a hat, is the tacos made with mushy peas and scraps. Delicious.

The Batter Platter is available at Brewski in Chorlton now.

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Featured image: The Manc Group