Local sandwich hotspot raided by ‘cretins who tore the place up’

'This feels like a really, really hard kick in the nads'

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 20th February 2023

Mira, a local food business famed for its saucy sandwiches, was raided by mindless vandals last week, leaving its owners furious.

The independent business has been popping up all over the city since it launched but now has a base in Sadler’s Yard, where it operates from a wooden hut and provides its epic sarnies to the Sadler’s Cat pub.

But the much-loved Manchester operator shared late last week that it had been raided and ‘wrecked’.

The infuriating details of the incident include mindless vandalism and food waste, with hot sauce sprayed across the walls ‘like a Formula 1 driver celebrating a Grand Prix win’.

Mira’s video from the scene showed litter strewn across the public square and general devastation inside their food hut, including meatballs lying on the floor and the fridge left open.


The business said it felt like a ‘really, really hard kick in the nads’ at a time when small businesses are struggling with rising costs across the board.

Mira’s full post said: “Tough one. Someone raided The Shack last night. Wrecked the place. Wasted a lot of good food. Sprayed hot sauce up the walls like a Formula 1 driver celebrating a Grand Prix win.


“Everyone knows small businesses are up against it atm, so you can imagine how this feels like a really, really hard kick in the nads.

“A really sincere 🖕🏼(both hands)🖕🏼 to the cretins who tore the place up. But thanks for the countless story replies offering help + those at @noma_mcr / / @sadlerscatpub for helping out.

“Got things fixed up today. Back open tomorrow.”


Popular fillings at Mira include slow-cooked Genovese beef brisket with onions, parmesan and salami; Italian meatballs in a slow-cooked ragu with fresh basil and mozzarella and a vegan-friendly juicy aubergine parmigiana sandwich with rich tomato sauce, cashew cheese and basil.

Mira owners Mike and Rhea first fell in love with the rich flavours, culture and history behind the sandwich whilst travelling and felt compelled to bring it home to Manchester.

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Featured image: Instagram, @mira.mcr