You can get a festive lunch for just 99p from Deliveroo this week… but it involves sprouts

It's either right up your street or you're running a mile the second you see the delivery driver.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 6th December 2023

We were going to call this a bit of a Marmite dilemma but we just realised that sprouts already have their own love-hate thing going on; either way, you can sort your lunch from just 99p for the rest of this week through Deliveroo, but it does involve the controversial Christmas dish…

The famous festive food is on almost every dinner table during the holiday period whether the people sat around it like them or not — that’s just the cultural existence this divisive vegetable has enjoyed for centuries — but have you ever heard of a ‘sprout butty’ or, more importantly, would you like to try one?

Deliveroo Editions, the purpose-built delivery-only kitchen service that is popping up all over the UK, are looking to win over sprout-haters this winter by coming up with its own take on the Christmas classic.

It is estimated that around 1.5 million Brits have a phobia of the leafy little round veggie and while more than half of the North West (52%) hate them/think they are the worst part of a Christmas dinner, there’s one kind of food that pretty much everyone loves: a simple sarnie.

With that in mind, Deliveroo had the idea to bring the two together in an effort to reinvent the troublesome green and have created the ‘Christmas Sproutwich’ and it’s exactly what it sounds like and more.


Consisting of homemade sprout focaccia, sprout mayonnaise, a “succulent” sprout stuffing, roasted sprout halves like you’ll see on December 25th, fried sprout shavings and zesty marinated sprout leaves, the sandwich has sprouts in every component and is hoping to elevate their reputation this Christmas.

The beauty of this thing is that it also just goes to show how much you can actually do with the humble little sprout, and with plenty of time to get inspired before the big day too. To be honest, ever since we started cooking them in lots of butter, herbs and bacon, we love the little buggers.


Now, while Deliveroo are obviously not the only people to have put a twist on sprouts or even create a sprout sandwich, even — Bundobust’s sprout butties and bhajis are legendary and have just returned for their 2023 Christmas menu — we never thought we’d come across ‘sprout mayo’. It’s already earned some fans though:

Come on, almost anything tastes good between bread and cheese.

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While they do get a bad rep from time to time, the latest research from the delivery service suggests that roughly three in five (62%) North Westerners believe a Christmas dinner isn’t complete without sprouts and although the majority of us (36%) hate them, around 32% love them.

The question is, will you love the Christmas Sproutwich? You can order yours just in time for your dinner break — or whenever you like, to be honest, we’re not the boss of you — for just 99p via the app or by simply typing in ‘Deliveroo Christmas Sproutwich’ online HERE.


Available in just a few cities (Manchester being one of them) and lasting only until Friday, 8 December, this could be the moment you switch sides in the great sprout debate. Let us know your verdict as well; we want to see just how far you sprout love/adventurous appetites go.

This recent creative promotion isn’t the only one we’re big fans of either, as an Ancoats institution is holding a great offer in aid of those in need this winter.

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