Yard & Coop – The Manchester institution taking the Christmas Markets by storm… again

Yard & Coop are back.

Harry Quick Harry Quick - 30th November 2023

Firm favourite Manchester restaurant Yard and Coop is back on the Manchester Christmas Markets this year, giving us our annual fix of fried festive favourites – and they’re clucking lovely.

Their restaurant – a staple favourite in the Northern Quarter – is also whipping up some incredible festive specials.

Yard & Coop Christmas Markets 

The much-loved Northern Quarter establishment, famed for its buttermilk fried chicken, has pitched up once again on St Ann’s Square. 

They’ve whipped up a menu of their classic chicken dishes, each with a festive twist, and you don’t have to look far to see someone walking around with a cone full of the fried stuff. 

This chicken institute has made some of the best salt and pepper-loaded fries around. The sticky sweet soy sauce coats the fries along with a heavy dusting of the salt and pepper blend and crispy deep-fried seaweed. Obviously, they are loaded with pieces of buttermilk chicken breast, but that goes without saying.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the ‘Dirty Santa’ tray was certainly that. Fried chicken and fries covered in lashings rich chicken gravy, hot cranberry sauce and a sprinkle of parsnip crisps for a texture sensation. Even after eight billion mince pies I reckon Father Christmas would have room for these.

A returning favourite has rightfully made its way back onto the menu too. Chicken and fries piled high inside a waffle cone drizzled with BBQ and ranch sauce. It’s a bit of a messy one but that’s the whole point – you eat the cone at the end, so you clean up your own mess!


Yard & Coop festive restaurant specials

All systems are still a-go back in their Northern Quarter base in time for Christmas. Everything is better inside a Yorkshire pudding, right? Well, this festive craze has been beautifully adapted to incorporate Yard and Coop’s signature buttermilk chicken. 

It’s Christmas dinner with all the trimmings wrapped in a soft Yorkshire burrito. Oh, and there’s a massive pot of chicken gravy to dip if you weren’t hungry enough reading this.

If you want to go the whole nine yards, the ‘Winner Winner Christmas Dinner’ is back and better than ever. Fully loaded with fried chicken breast, crispy fried potatoes, cheesy mash topped with homemade stuffing balls, creamed sprouts, cranberry hot sauce and buttered kale.


Sprouts are famously a bit hit and miss, aren’t they? Well, not these. Even the most devout brussels sprout hater would be converted by Yard and Coop’s homemade sprout bhajis. This little taste of India accompanies the real showstopper of the selection. 

Yard and Coop’s ‘Boxing Day Burger’ transports you to that post-Christmas takeaway slapped between a seeded brioche bun. The signature fried chicken is smothered in their Ruby Murray sauce and stacked alongside cucumber raita salad, a couple of mini poppadoms and those delightful bhajis. Good luck getting it all in one bite, it’s a biggun.

You can find Yard and Coop on Edge Street and at St Ann’s Square at the Manchester Christmas Markets until 21 December. 

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Featured image: The Manc Group