Aldi assures fans its dupe chocolate biscuit bars are ‘here to stay’ when Breakaways are discontinued

Finally... some good news, for once.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 12th February 2024

Aldi has assured fans that its dupe chocolate biscuit bars will be “here to stay” when Breakaways are eventually discontinued.

And, they’re also available at a “bargain” price as well.

In case you hadn’t heard, Nestlé announced last week that it had made the “difficult decision” to discontinue two of its popular chocolate biscuit bars, one of which was the much-loved nostalgic treat, the Breakaway – and the news, rather unsurprisingly, left shoppers up in arms, and quite frankly a bit heartbroken about it.

Breakways have been an absolute staple of childhood snacking for countless Brits over the past couple of decades, so you can gather why people are so upset about the loss.

First manufactured all the way back in 1970, the chocolate digestive biscuit bars had made their way into many a school lunchbox, or stuffed into pockets for an on-the-go sweet treat for more than 50 years.


But as of next month, they’ll no longer be produced.

Nestlé says this decision has been taken due to a decline in sales, and in an effort to “make way for investment and innovation” across the company’s wider portfolio of products.


But luckily, while we have to say goodbye to one longstanding chocolate treat, Aldi has confirmed that its dupe biscuit bars are “here to stay”.

The supermarket retailer’s Belmont Chocolate Wacko Biscuit Bar – which, to be honest, look to resemble Rocky bars a little more than Breakaways, but share a similar recipe – are not only sticking around to fill the Breakaway-shaped whole in shopper’s lives, but are also available at a “bargain” price too, so you won’t need to break the bank either.

At just £1.19 for a pack of nine, the Chocolate Wacko is described as being a crunchy biscuit bar encased in a rich milk chocolate outer layer that’s “perfect for an afternoon snack”.

Aldi has assured fans that its dupe chocolate biscuit bars are ‘here to stay’ / Credit: Aldi

Aldi’s confirmation that the Chocolate Wacko bars are not going anywhere also comes after the supermarket delighted shoppers a couple of weeks back after revealing that it had brought back a “God tier” nostalgic biscuit that was discontinued quite a while back, and stocked them on the ‘Middle Aisles’ of stores up and down the country

Understandably, the return of Elkes Sports Biscuits seems to have been making the days of 80s kids who loved nothing more than nibbling on a few of the sports-themed snacks, and then washing them down with a nice cold glass of milk afterwards.

The stock of Sports Biscuits might be running a little low now, given that they were only a ‘Middle Aisle’ returning feature, but luckily for Breakaway fans, Chocolate Wackos will be available all year round.

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Head to your nearest Aldi to stock up on the biscuit bars for just £1.19 for a pack of nine.

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