Someone has created a hilarious Twitter thread of the best waves on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’

People are finding all kinds of ways to kill time during lockdown - and this has given birth to some pure gold on social media. 

Take this thread started by @AlbionJake, for instance.

The Twitter user found inspiration in the recent ITV drama 'Quiz' - which tells the tale of the infamous coughing scandal that saw 'Who Wants To Be Millionaire?' jackpot winner Charles Ingram sentenced for fraud - and decided to pick out his favourite waves from each contestant.

The start of every 'Millionaire' show would see 'fastest finger first' contestants given roughly three seconds to introduce themselves to the world by waving - and some managed to make sure their hands said more than words ever could.

Jake's final collection of winners is nothing short of superb; accompanied by mini reviews of each gesture.

He kicks things off with a "dainty" effort from Brian, which is followed by a slightly unsettling headlight-washing wave from Peter, before concluding with a Pacman-style chomp from Victoria.

Out of all the hand movements here - and there are some belters - my personal favourite is the penultimate post... which isn't so much a wave but more of a celebration you might see from a shit Sunday League footballer who's just scuffed home a one-yard tap-in and wants to take the moment to imagine he's Ronaldo.

Just check out John's finger twirl. That's how you announce your presence on 'Millionaire'.

Elsewhere in the thread we have a delighted-looking Donna delivering a double thumbs-up, a woman called Josette who appears to have forgotten what the mechanics of waving involve, and an over-enthusiastic Brian who treats us to the wildest palm shake you ever did see.

This Twitter thread should come with a sign marked "Lockdown laughs inside". Check it out here and marvel at some magnificent 'Millionaire' greetings.

Thanks again, Twitter.


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