Cheshire Dogs’ Home massively reduces neutering costs for February

Cheshire Dogs Home

A lot of dog homes emphasise the importance of getting your pet neutered. 

The benefits are well documented.

Not does neutering prevent overpopulation and the birth of unwanted puppies, it also keeps your pooch pacified and generally on their best behaviour.

What puts a lot of pet owners off the process, however, is the price.

That's why we thought you'd like to know about the exclusive offer currently available at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs' Home.

For one month only - they're slashing the costs of neutering

The announcement comes via social media, with a Facebook post reading: "Cheshire Dogs' Home has released further dates for reduced cost neutering in February.

"Contact Cheshire Dogs' Home on 08445041212 to book an appointment payment on booking."

They also go on to mention the prices - which range from £42 to £72 for males, and £69 to £99 for females.

The final cost will come down to the size of your dog. But big or small, you can get a great deal for one month only.

Head over to the Facebook post to learn more. Staff are currently answering pet owners' questions in the comments section.