Oasis’ long-lost song is somehow the perfect soundtrack for today


As creatives have gotten increasingly restless during lockdown, a flurry of fresh output has emerged from behind closed doors. 

Impromptu podcasts, songs and web series' have appeared online as the nation's originators constantly find new ways to flex within the enforced confinements.

One of them is Noel Gallagher.

Now, Noel has been called many things during his career - many of the most colourful descriptions coming from his brother - but he's an artist first and foremost. And whilst he hasn't kickstarted a YouTube channel or launched a Spotify special like some of his creative counterparts, he has nonetheless used the time to find something for fans.

With "time to kill", the Oasis frontman has been poring through his mass collection of blank CDs, and sent Twitter into a frenzy when he announced one of these old songs - thought to have been lost forever - would be uploaded at midnight April 30.

The track "Don't Stop..." had only ever been heard in primitive form during a soundcheck in Hong Kong, and Noel suspected the lone version online had been captured around 2005. Oasis Podcast piped up on social media and claimed it was actually from 2009. Other sources have suggested the track first became apparent in 2002.

But the year is irrelevant. Because, somehow, "Don't Stop..." manages to be about today and what we're all going through right now.

Noel could've discovered the demo at any time, but there was never a more suitable point than now.

"Don't Stop", amazingly, appears to mirror the emotional mood of the nation as we persevere in the face of a relentless pandemic.

There's an undercurrent of sadness riding through it - personified by careful, almost mournful electric twangs - but up front and centre is optimism and hope: Upbeat vocals and a jangling acoustic guitar.

And that's all of us at the moment, isn't it? A little sad, but stoic.

The lyrics - "Don’t stop being happy. Don’t stop your clapping. Don’t stop your laughing" - also hold astonishing relevance in the current climate. These words were written more than ten years ago, yet they sound like a rallying cry for the UK in 2020.

Keep smiling, keep clapping for our frontline heroes, and keep having fun.

Most musicians write for the times - and some have an uncanny knack for tapping into cultural trends and riding waves of popularity.

Perhaps the best contemporary example is rapper Drake - who performed a dance routine to accompany his lockdown track "Toosie Slide" and thereby encouraged the TikTok crowd to follow suit - essentially doing all his marketing for him. Pretty genius.

But then there are artists who tune out their immediate surroundings and produce music on a permanent, emotive, human level. Oasis were the perfect example.

Their songs weren't ever really written for any particular time... but they can be dropped into almost any modern historic era and still strike a chord.

"Don't Stop..." is not just an apt reminder that Oasis had a knack for timeless songwriting, it's also an indication of why so many are demanding that reunion. Liam included.

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