The best curries in Manchester according to you

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Nothing has captured our relationship with Indian cuisine better than TV show Gavin & Stacey. 

You know the scene: The Shipmans and Sutcliffes talking over the top of one another in the kitchen and ordering their usuals, before Smithy barrels in to deplore the strange (yet accepted) practice of dipping into one other's dishes.

James Corden's character was responsible for some of the most nonsensical phrases on the show, but on this occasion Smithy was surprisingly insightful.

Why exactly are we always so curious to try new flavours, but remain wary about wandering too far outside our comfort zone? Most of us have our go-to Indian takeaway (and chosen dish) which we return to again and again. And that's that.

But with hundreds of restaurants in the city and an entire street in Rusholme dedicated to Indian food, debate surrounding Manchester's greatest curry place is hotter than a Vindaloo.

That's why we wanted to find out which place Mancs loved most. We asked, and you guys answered...


So, here we go.

The best curries in Mancunia according to Mancs are:

  1. This & That, Northern Quarter
  2. Kabana, Cheetham Hill Road
  3. Akbar's, Liverpool Road, Castlefield
  4. Desi Lounge, Oldham Road, Failsworth
  5. Scene, Spinningfields

This & That, the cafe-cum-canteen that's survives as the sole inhabitant of the unsightly and ironically-titled Soap Street, proved to be the runaway winner.

Against all odds, this diminutive, pocket-friendly dining spot has emerged as the champion of curry houses - rejecting fine dining in favour of basic surroundings where the food does all the talking. You just can't beat Rice n' Three for a fiver.

Kabana, which is of a similar humble mould, also scored high - with a few shouts for Yadgar Cafe (a lesser known yet longstanding Thomas Street gem).

It was no surprise to see the popular Akbar's reel in some big numbers, and a number of curry fans also voted for Blue Nile in Hazel Grove, which missed out on the Top 5 by the skin of its teeth.


Now you know which curry houses are most popular among Mancs and have some solid recommendations to go on, are you tempted to expand your culinary palate and deviate from your usual dish?

Perhaps you feel your local takeaway was starved of a deserved spot among the top five?

Let us know in the comments.


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