These are some of the most haunted places in Greater Manchester

From a skeleton that reportedly refuses to be buried, to a mischievous, goblin-like creature who is thought to creep amongst the trees, these spots in Manchester have got some really spooky stories.

The Manc The Manc - 27th October 2022

Written by Alice Gerrard


If you’re looking for a real fright this Halloween, be sure to check out these frightfully spooky places in Manchester.

From well-known haunted spots like Ordsall Hall in Salford, to some lesser-known spooky haunt, we’ve rounded up some of the most terrifying places in Greater Manchester below.

Keep reading to discover some of Manchester’s most haunted hot spots, perfect to get you in the spirit for Halloween.

Ordsall Hall



Many ghostly tales surround Orsdall Hall, which dates back to the Tudor times. There
are three main ghosts that haunt the manor house: The White Lady, who has
been spotted repeatedly; Cecily, who is a young girl, is said to roam the hall; and Sir
John Radclyffe, the former occupant of the hall.

You can tune into their ghost cams between 5 pm – 8 am – or if you’re feeling brave you
can attend a ghost night there.

Barnes Hospital



The hospital was originally opened in the 1870s and was used to treat soldiers in the
Second World War. It can definitely be said that the hospital has seen a lot of deaths in
its time, which we expect leads to the ghostly activity reported here.

Nurses have reported the feeling of being watched, another nurse was delighted to see
one of her patients walked up and down the stairs ready to go home only to find out he
died the previous night.

More recently the bell in the tower has rung excessively by itself and the shapes of
patients sitting in their rooms have been seen.

Ryecroft Hall


Things certainly do go bump in the night at Ryecroft Hall which once used to be a
morgue during the war. It dates back to the mid-1800s and visitors have witnessed
items being thrown across rooms, a Victorian child wandering around the hall and
mysterious apparitions.


The cellar seems to have the most activity with screams and cries being heard from this
dismal area. Many believe the grand staircase is haunted by a girl who fell to her death
there too.

Boggart Hole Clough


Just three miles outside Manchester city centre lies the beautiful and very ancient
woodland of Boggart Hole Clough. Covering 170 acres of dense woodland, the forest
has roots dating back to the Bronze Age.

The name comes from the Boggart which is a mischievous, goblin-like creature who is
thought to creep amongst the trees. Boggarts have the ability to make objects disappear
and even make dogs unable to walk. Boggarts also have a strong penchant towards
children and the cases of missing children here has been numerous since the 18th

Bramall Hall / Credit: TripAdvisor

Wardley Hall


Built back in 1500, this manor house is as haunted as they come. The hall is oddly
home to the skull of a Benedictine monk who was hung, drawn, and quartered in 1641.

The monk is thought to be St Ambrose Barlow and his skeleton apparently refuses to be
buried. It was once thrown into the moat after many unsuccessful burial attempts but
this resulted in a terrible storm believed to have been caused by the spirit himself.


Greengate Brewery


This brewery has been visited by the Most Haunted team and made some pretty spooky
discoveries. Previous workers have reported strange things like the feeling of someone
being behind them, equipment being moved, and some spooky figures being seen in certain areas of the brewery.

The spirit of a lady is often seen sitting in the boardroom, a woman in a dark dress is
seen floating down the halls and a man in a white cloak can disappear through cracks in

Bramall Hall


This Tudor manor house dates back to the Middle Ages and is haunted by The Maid of
Bramall Hall. She has been spotted haunting the bedrooms of the hall and is a regular
visitor to the residence.

The chapel on the grounds has had reports of sounds of a child crying, the Paradise
Room is said to be the most haunted room and is nicknamed ‘The Ghost Room’ due to
its priest’s hole.

Other sightings have been a man on horseback and ghostly servants.

Smithills Hall



As one of the oldest spots in the North West it is a prime destination for ghost hunters.

Sightings include a preacher who was executed in 1554. The Green Room where he
was questioned is particularly active. He stamped on the floor as a gesture to his faith
and left a footprint. The room has since had a massive amount of poltergeist activity.

There is also a story that the footprint bleeds every year on the anniversary of his death.
Other sightings and hearings include horses, soldiers, orbs, sudden drops in
temperature and the smell of burning wood.

The Ring O’Bells Pub


Gin and vodka aren’t the only spirits making a name for themselves in this pub. Named
as one of the most haunted places in the UK, it is brimming with strange happenings
and ghostly goings-on.

The site has foundations dating back to the Saxon period and is said to sit on land that
was once an ancient Druid temple. The practise of dark rituals and even human
sacrifice makes the site home to many unhappy spirits.

The resident spirit, known as the Sad Cavalier likes to move glasses along the bar,
stomp heavy footsteps makes odd-sounding moans and grunts, and even throws rocks
at the landlord or regulars.


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