Tyson Fury’s wife surprises the champ with amazing four-tier cake

Instagram/Paris Fury

Tyson Fury made winning the World Championship look like a piece of cake - and now he's got his just desserts. 

The WBC title-holder received a sweet treat fit for a king upon returning his return from Vegas, with wife Paris producing an outstanding cake to congratulate Fury on his even bigger victory.

Toppling four tiers, the cake is propped up by an icing pillow - which balances a belt, world and crown above it.

Instagram/Paris Fury

It's even decorated with Fury's famous nickname: "Gypsy King".

Fury, 31, remains unbeaten in his professional career, and his seventh-round defeat of Wilder has only increased fans' appetites for an all-British bout between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

There is every chance Wilder could trigger a rematch before that happens, but in the meantime, Fury has definitely earned some celebrating.

Instagram/Paris Fury

And this enormous beauty of a cake should be enough to satisfy even a man of his stature.

Seems almost a shame to eat it, though. Just look at that detail...

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