We asked what being Mancunian meant to you. Here’s what you said

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A little town near Peterborough made national news earlier this week when thousands of bees swarmed onto a street sign.

It was a sight to behold. Still, you can't help but think they were congregating a little far from their true nest.

Manchester, after all, is the home of the hive.

The industrious nature of bees has earned them synonymity with Mancunia - a proud city built by hard-working people. These gold and black insects have become our symbol - and you can't walk more than a few steps in the city centre without seeing them hovering on bins, walls and, indeed, street signs.

But it isn't just the diligence of bees that make them kindred spirits to residents of Manchester. It's their behaviour, too

Studies have shown that several generations of bees can settle in a single nest, even caring for offspring that are not their own. A few of us raised around here can relate to upbringings just like that - with multiple family members and friends huddling together under a single roof.

Community is our thing. But what is it that specifically makes Manchester such a different colony to others around the world? What does it mean to be Mancunian?

We asked you. And this is what you told us...


We posed the question - and the top responses suggested that being Manc involves:

  • Having pride and a sense of belonging
  • Loving fish, chips and curry sauce
  • Possessing a wicked sense of humour
  • Being salt of the earth
  • An impeccable taste in music
  • Covering everything in gravy

Among the dozens of answers, however, one of the best-received slices of insight concerning life inside Mancunia came from Teddy Simpson, who stated:

"Best football team, best music scene, science, industrial revolution, 'tea' is an evening meal, 'alright' is a greeting, "owt" means if you want anything, all round sound people. 'We may not be perfect, but we are from Manchester, so we are close enough'."

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Arguably, there's almost too much buzzing in the city to successfully pinpoint every Mancunian foible.

As one user argued, perhaps being Mancunian is simply "a state of mind."

Mancs do seem to share the same attitude in most cases. It's a mentality that says: If you're one of us already, you'll be looked after. If you aren't, come on in and join us.

There's always room for another in the hive.

Featured image: Dunk on Flickr

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