You can now get paid to nap


This is the very definition of a dream job. 

Curtain and blind manufacturer, Hilarys, is searching for a professional napper to help them learn how light and sound directly affect sleep patterns.

The successful applicant will be paid a whopping £1,400 to curl up under the covers for 15 days straight, with the ambience of the environment altered in a variety of different ways.

All you'll need to do is fill in a few Q&A forms when you lift your weary head from the pillow.

What a role.


Lucy Askew, interiors expert at Hillarys, commented: "Sleep is so important, and many might not appreciate how even a slither of light can disrupt your much-needed seven hours.

"We're looking forward to getting the new sleep executive on board and seeing the findings of this experiment."

The job description states: "The entrant will then be asked to wear a sleep monitoring device during their sleep so we can determine how the different conditions have affects them during their sleep.

"They will then be asked to fill in a questionnaire so we can see the differences in the environments set up."


Learn more about being "Sleep Executive" at Hilarys online.

You've got a bit of time to apply - until 9 April - but it's probably best not to sleep on this one. You can do plenty of that when you actually land the role.

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