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Mishap at northern farm goes viral after sheep are left with matching pink hair styles

Matching pink rinse for the ladies

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 9th November 2022

A farm that’s a popular tourist attraction for Manc families has gone viral this week after a mishap left its sheep with an interesting new look.

Cannon Hall Farm’s wooly livestock have now graced the pages of The Times and The Guardian after farmer Richard Nicholson posted a photo of them on Instagram.

Richard joked that the Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep who roam around the Yorkshire farm had unintentionally joined the ‘pink ladies’.

Visitors to the farm, which is just an hour from Manchester, might have spotted that the gorgeous mammals are walking around with a strange dye job on their heads.

But the pink curls weren’t done on purpose – as much as it suits them – and was actually an accident that baffled staff.

The sheep with their new hair dos at Cannon Hall Farm. Credit: Instagram, @farmer_richard_

Richard said that he initially thought that another employee was being ‘a bit too enthusiastic with the pink marker’.

But it transpired that the sheeps’ new red feeder had actually been rubbing colour onto their white wool, leaving them with stylish pink quiffs.


Richard wrote on Instagram: “Our girls appear to have joined the pink ladies! A new red feeder at Cannon Hall Farm has rubbed off and given our sheep a pink rinse!”

He later added: “This is the day I photographed the pink ladies. At the time, when I spotted them in the field I just assumed the lads had got a bit too enthusiastic with the pink marker, however it later transpired that the new red feeder was to blame!

“Check out that one’s tongue sticking out! I knew they looked cute but I never had any idea that they’d go viral like that!”


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Cannon Hall Farm is home to hundreds of animals, including cows, horses, goats, alpacas, pigs and even meerkats.

There’s a huge indoor play area as well as an outdoor adventure playground, and a maze of tunnels for kids to run around in.

Families can also take part in tractor rides, learn about reptiles and other animals, and cheer on the sheep on a racing track.

Featured image: Instagram, @farmer_richard_