Affordable eyewear brand IOLLA launches new eco collection at Manchester store

IOLLA has pledged to make at least 25% of its range eco by the end of 2023.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th March 2023

Affordable luxury eyewear brand IOLLA has launched a new eco collection, and you can see it in all its glory in the new Manchester store.

Shoppers may remember that the innovative Scottish brand – which offers affordable quality glasses and sunglasses for a single price point – last summer chose Manchester as the first place to open a showroom outside of its native country.

IOLLA Manchester opened its doors on St Ann’s Square in August 2022, and has already brought a fresh take on eyewear retail to the shopping and fashion scene in our city centre.

While the brand prides itself on offering “a spectacular shopping experience like no other”, IOLLA says it’s also committed to making sure its products are as sustainable as they are stylish – and that’s why it’s launched a brand-new ‘Eco-Collection’.

While 69% of people in the UK wear glasses, recent research has revealed that 3,000 tonnes of lenses go to landfill each year.


IOLLA’s new Eco-Collection is looking to change this.

With a pledge to make 25% of its range eco by the end of 2023, IOLLA’s new collection features fully biodegradable eco-acetates, which means that frames can be broken down naturally without causing pollution.


‘Butter Tortoise’ and ‘Crystal Fade’ from the Douglas Collection are the first two pairs to have been added to the new Eco-Collection, while all of IOLLA’s black frames are also made from 70% recycled acetate – which is produced from off-cuts that would usually be discarded during the frame manufacturing process.

Alongside developing more sustainable materials for the new Eco-Collection, IOLLA is also offering a new ‘Refresh Service’ aimed at “breathing new life” into your old IOLLA frames, so whether it’s a change in prescription or a scratched lens to your beloved pair, there’s range of services to repair, reuse or, recycle your glasses.

And with summer round the corner, you can also switch your lenses to transform old specs into a stylish set of new shades as part of the service.


On top of all of this, IOLLA is also encouraging customers to take advantage of its new recycling programme, so your old glasses can be reused responsibly and prevent any from reaching the landfill.

“We are delighted to launch our Eco-Collection and are committed to ensuring at least 25% of our range is eco-friendly by the end of the year,” said Stefan Hunter – founder and CEO at IOLLA.

“At IOLLA, we’re passionate about delivering an experience unlike any other, and that’s reflected in our unique flat-fee pricing structure, next-level customer service, and handcrafted designs – but our focus within product development now is to lead the way in developing stylish, sustainable eyewear and minimising our impact on the environment as much as possible.”

IOLLA opened its Manchester showroom on St Ann’s Square last summer / Credit: IOLLA

What makes IOLLA different to lots of other high street glasses labels is that it prides itself on keeping its pricing “simple and honest” by refusing to include any hidden costs or added extras.

All Eco-Collection prescription lenses and coatings are included within the standard £85 flat fee. 


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