Plans for pop-up water park at Piccadilly Gardens revealed

This would be amazing.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 1st April 2024

The fountains at Piccadilly Gardens have finally reappeared in recent weeks – and now there are plans for a much bigger water-based attraction.

A licensing application has been lodged to open a pop-up water park at the much-maligned square in the heart of Manchester city centre.

The ambitious plan comes from the team behind Therme, the £250m wellness resort that’s set to open in Trafford next year.

When it opens, Therme Manchester will have have warm water lagoons, adults-only zones, botanical gardens, urban farms, immersive art, water-based fitness classes, and multiple slides and swimming pools.

And with the build of the wellness resort taking quite a while, they’re planning to build some excitement with a summer pop-up in town.


If it all goes ahead, the existing fountains at Piccadilly Gardens will be utilised as a family-friendly splash pad with small slides and built-in water guns for kids to play with.

But the most impressive attraction will be beside this, on the site that was home to the Dock 53 street food village.


A huge twisting water slide is proposed, which will loop its riders round and round through the air before coming to a gentle and safe halt in a small pool at the bottom.

The plans also include a small botanical garden, sun loungers, an ice cream truck serving boozy sorbets, and a pop-up juice bar.

Council bosses will review the application in the coming weeks.


It’s all set to open by May 2024 and will remain open until early September.

And if you’ve made it this far, please check the date. Teehee.

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Featured image: The Manc Group