Bugzy Malone surprised fans in JD in Manchester last week – and talked about fashion, touring and his hometown

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th December 2021

Mancs were surprised last week by a very special, intimate appearance from grime superstar Bugzy Malone at JD.

The rap sensation hosted a private lock-in event at JD in Manchester, just ahead of his massive homecoming gig at the AO Arena.

Fans got to get up close and personal with Bugzy at the event, where he took part in a Q&A with fellow rapper Specs Gonzalez.

The Resurrection Tour is Bugzy’s last – he’s confirmed that he’ll step back from the touring circuit to focus on music, his acting career, and (of course) his budding fashion line, B.Malone.

Speaking of the sold-out tour at the JD event, Bugzy said: “It’s an emotional thing, you get what I’m saying, it’s The Ressurection Tour and it’s my final tour.

Bugzy Malone with Specs Gonzalez in Manchester. Credit: JD Official

“A lot of people have gone out their way to support me and it’s a big deal to me.”

He said that performing at the Arena in front of a crowd of 20,000 was, quite simply, ‘sick’, adding: “People that are fans of me are connected to me, so when I get to stand up and perform in front of pure people that I’m connected to, it’s a bit spiritual. It’s mad.”


He’s a proud Mancunian too, saying: “People never used to take Manchester seriously and then when I started breaking records and making serious money, they take us seriously now.

“So now I’m breaking down doors in the clothing industry so that people behind me can come through and get took seriously.

“People underestimate Manchester, it’s a talented place. There’ll be waves and waves that come through.”


His foray into fashion has seen him launch his own clothing line, B.Malone, which is stocked in JD.

On the day of the in-store lock-in, he was unveiling his new Skeleton kicks, inspired by the anatomy of a scorpion.

Bugzy said: “Fashion’s obviously something I’m interested in. As I kid I used to like drawing and all that. I’m just trying to do things that I enjoy and that I’m passionate about.

“My fans, the people that message me on Instagram that I connect with, I feel like a lot of them are like younger versions of me, so I try and design them something that they’re going to like, from my perspective.”

He also touched on his accident, which saw him seriously injured after a quad bike crash in early 2020.


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It changed his mindset, he said, telling the crowd: “I’m not afraid to die. I’m willing to give it everything to go where I’m trying to go.

“I think sometimes we get a little bit shy in life when you’re trying to believe in yourself whereas now, I don’t give a f***.”

Featured image: JD Official