Dead cat found zipped into pet carrier and thrown into Greater Manchester canal

WARNING - distressing images.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 12th May 2023

The RSPCA has issued an appeal after a cat was found dead in shocking circumstances.

The animal had been zipped inside a cat carrier and thrown into a canal in Greater Manchester.

It’s not known is she drowned, or was already deceased when she was thrown into the Ashton canal.

Described as a black and white female Oriental-type cat, the charity also reported that she had a broken jaw.

They said that a metal wire had been placed inside the poor feline’s jaw, but not by a vet.


Heartbreaking images shared by the RSPCA show the cat’s body, though her head has been censored. The charity also shared a photo of the dirty zip-up carrier she was found in.

The condition the cat was found in after being found in a canalA
The condition the cat was found in after being found in a canal. Credit: RSPCA

The photos have been shared as part of an appeal for information relating to the incident on Monday 8 May.


RSPCA animal rescue officer Helen Chapman, who is looking into the incident, said: “This is a very concerning incident and we are keen to find out what happened to this cat. Being zipped up inside a cat carrier and thrown into a canal is extremely sad and clearly no way to treat an animal.

“It is also concerning that she had a broken jaw which had a metal wire placed inside.

“The cat wasn’t microchipped so we’re relying on the public to help us.”


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Anyone who has any information should contact the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018, quoting reference 01069504.

Helen added: “We understand the financial difficulties some people are experiencing right now, however abandoning your pet, or not seeking appropriate veterinary help if it’s needed, is never acceptable.

“There is help and support available and we would urge people to contact their vets, local rescues and animal welfare charities.”

To help pet-owners who are worrying about financial costs, there is information on the RSPCA’s cost of living hub. Alternatively, the public can call the charity’s dedicated cost of living call line on 0300 123 0650. 

Featured image: RSPCA