Energy bill discounts up to £100 offered as part of National Grid blackout prevention scheme

But less than half of British homes will be able to take part...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 4th November 2022

British households are being offered energy bill discounts if they cut peak-time use on a handful of days this winter.

The National Grid’s blackout prevention scheme could save families up to £100 on their electricity bills.

It’s part of the network operator’s efforts to prevent blackouts over the colder months.

Some of the country’s biggest energy suppliers have signed up to the Demand Flexibility Scheme, including British Gas, Eon, Octopus and OVO.

Initially, there will be 12 test days between November and March, designed to see how customers respond.


The only households who will be able to take part will be those with smart meters installed – which is less than half of homes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Manchester by night. Credit: Unsplash

Those who are taking part will be given a 24-hour warning of an upcoming test day, and will be asked to reduce their electricity usage during a one-hour period identified by National Grid.


It’s thought the period is likely to be between 4pm and 7pm.

Jake Rigg, director of corporate affairs at National Grid ESO, told the BBC: “It’s not a big thing or a difficult thing to do, just remembering to do it 12 times this winter and get that money back, when we are all really struggling with energy bills and the cost of living generally.

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“We can all do our little bit, we can shift demand out of that peak and help maintain security of supply throughout the winter.”


A spokesperson for British Gas said: “By encouraging consumers to reduce their usage at peak times we can balance demand on the grid while helping consumers save on their energy bills.

“We are working on how this scheme can work best for our customers and fit in with their habits around the home.”

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