Animal shelter issues heartwarming update on cat who was dropped off ‘almost decapitated’

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 12th February 2024

An animal rescue shelter has issued a lovely update on a cat who arrived as a horrific cruelty case.

Little Hera was taken to Glossop Cat Rescue riddled with BB pellets, and with cable ties so tight around her neck she was ‘nearly decapitated’.

The charity slammed whoever abused her as an ‘evil cretin’ and ‘despicable humans’.

They said last year: “She was the little girl who presented at the vets as an emergency case with cable ties and wire around her neck.

“It was suspected this barbaric act was done deliberately. Her injuries were far too horrific to show photos of.


“She was very nearly decapitated. Her wounds were infected and deep.”

Despite going through such ‘horrors’, Hera was described by the shelter as a ‘loving, trusting and affectionate’ cat.


And today they have issued the best possible update – Hera has just had what they hope will be the last of her surgeries to her badly injured neck, and is recovering in her new forever home.

The gorgeous feline has found a ‘loving, wonderful forever home’ and looks set to be nearing the end of her long road to recovery.

Glossop Cat Rescue posted today: “Remember Hera? She’s happy in her new home, but is still receiving treatment for her horrific injuries. These injuries were caused on purpose by some evil cretin.


“Hera has had a very, very long road to recovery. Her new mama is devoted to her and cares for her so well and receives full back up from GCR. Hera has just had the (hopefully) last of her operations on her neck. The surgery costs us just over £915.

“Please wish Hera a speedy recovery. She’s been an absolute little hero, with a fighting spirit and a wonderful will to live.”

Hopefully Hera has a long and happy life ahead of her now.

You can donate to Glossop Cat Rescue here.

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Featured image: Facebook, Glossop Cat Rescue