Manchester is most burgled city in Britain, new data shows

Mancunians fall victim to more home burglaries than any other residents in Britain, a new study has revealed.

After conducting a survey of 2,000 respondents, security camera installation company revealed that there’s as many as 15 burglaries per 1,000 people in Manchester.

The results arrive during a month blighted by news of burglaries in the city centre – with break-ins reported at both Blue Eyed Panda and Chakalaka.

A little further afield, residents in Failsworth have also set up a street patrol to combat a crime wave in their own neighbourhood.

The north, as a whole, fared particularly badly in the study – with seven of the top ten most-burgled locations sitting above the Midlands.

Close behind Manchester was the Yorkshire town of Doncaster (with 13.1 burglaries per 1,000 people) and Hull (which recorded 12.5).

Leeds, Bradford, Rotherham and Sheffield residents also complained of high levels of crime in their communities.

Whilst CCTV Installer James Ritchey admitted the results were puzzling, he said that the number of “densely populated estates and terraces” in a town may play a role.

“We don’t know why Manchester has it so bad,” said Mr. Ritchey.

“Many of the areas prone to burglaries are densely populated estates and terraces, and Manchester is full of these types of homes.”

Blue Eyed Panda

He added: “Every burglary has an effect on the person who lives in the home, and burglaries tend to be carried out by a small number of people who live locally to the areas they target.

“Perhaps Manchester and Northern cities are simply more prone to this effect.”

The full list of most-burgled places in Britain was revealed as:

RankLocationBurglaries per 1,000 people

Whilst Mr. Ritchey admitted the results “paint a worrying picture”, he said a “few simple steps” could help to deter burglars.

These include the installation of physical barriers such as fences, hedges, gates and doors; locks that are audited regularly by locksmiths; security lights; home alarms; and CCTV cameras with warning signage (telling crooks your property is guarded).

“Protecting yourself from a burglary doesn’t have to cost the earth,” said Mr. Ritchey.

“[Having security] gives you total peace of mind going into the winter months.”

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