Manchester’s mental health cafe Feel Good Club needs help after being deemed ‘ineligible’ for Gov support


“We always say it’s ok to ask for help. It’s time we took our own advice.”

Staff at Feel Good Club are usually the ones offering support – not seeking it.

But after what has been described as ”a terrible week”, Manchester’s wellbeing cafe has heeded its own guidance.

Representatives took to social media on Monday to ask their followers for a favour…


Since setting up shop in Northern Quarter in October, Feel Good Club has functioned as a marvellous cafe, community and co-working space all rolled into one – committed to abolishing the stigma surrounding mental health whilst providing a safe place for people to talk, listen and enjoy a cracking cuppa whilst they’re at it.

Owners promised to remain open for takeaway throughout the second lockdown, but during the past week, they got some devastating news.

Feel Good Club is ‘ineligible’ for any furlough support or government grants. And now the cafe is running on empty.

“Last week we were told that we were ineligible for any government support during the second lockdown,” Feel Good Club posted.

“We’re doing our best to stay positive but we realised that we need to take our own advice and ask for some help so we can try and get as many eyes on this to get the support we feel we are entitled too [sic].”


The post continues: “We’ve sent endless emails over the last couple of days and it just feels like there are so many closed doors around us right now so we’re asking you all to share this as far and as wide as you can on all platforms and tag anyone you think can help.

“All of your messages over the past couple of weeks have shown us how much of an impact our space and team have had already and this only makes us more passionate about getting the support we deserve.”

The cafe is temporarily closing so owners can get their ducks in a row, assess the situation and see if they can find some more solutions.

But in the meantime – they need our help.

134,000 followers rely on the Feel Good Club to help them when they’re at their lowest. Now’s the moment to return the favour.

By spreading the message wide on social media, contacting local MPs, and sharing their story with anyone you think may be able to help, you’ll be doing your bit.

Feel Good Club cafe was one of the greatest things to come out of 2020. Let’s not lose it before it’s even found its footing.

Learn more about how you can help support Feel Good Club here.