Someone in Bolton won £1m on the EuroMillions last year and still hasn’t claimed the money

Reckon you could be the mystery millionaire?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 12th March 2024

Someone in Bolton won a whopping £1 million on the EuroMillions back in November, and still and hasn’t claimed the money yet.

Believe it or not, there’s a mystery millionaire knocking around Greater Manchester right now.

For anyone who regularly plays the lottery, or likes to grab themself a ticket every now and then when they’re feeling particularly lucky, it may seem absolutely wild to think that someone could have bought a EuroMillions ticket more than four months ago now, and hasn’t even realised that their lives could have potentially changed forever.

Even more shocking still, not only do they not realise they’ve won, they still haven’t claimed their winnings either, so the money is just lying there unclaimed as we speak.

But that’s exactly the case for one lucky Bolton resident.


According to The National Lottery, there was a whopping 10 cash prizes still unclaimed at the start of the 2024, and now, another handful have been added to that list – with a total of six £1 million unclaimed tickets from as early as September last year. 

Doncaster, Northumberland, Redditch, and Camden are just a few of the other UK areas where unclaimed lottery tickets have been purchased over the last couple of months.


Not only that, as well as the £1m lucky Bolton winner, someone from Manchester has also bagged themselves a life-changing win in the ‘Set For Life’ draw, which means they’ll be taking home £10,000 every month for a whole year.

And, to make matters even more urgent, if the National Lottery does not receive a valid claim for these tickets within 180 days of he draw date, the prize cannot be claimed.

Someone in Bolton has won £1m on the EuroMillions and still hasn’t claimed the money / Credit: Pxhere

Any interest on the winnings will also go towards National Lottery Projects across the UK.


The £1 million-winning ticket in Bolton was part of the 3 November 2023 EuroMillions draw – with the draw number being 1682 – which means the winner has until 1 March 2024 to claim their winnings, while the Manchester ‘Set For Life’ ticket was drawn on 5 February 2024, leaving those winners until 3 August 2024 to claim the money that’ll make a real difference to their lives.

Reckon it could be you?

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To find out the winning numbers for both the EuroMillions and ‘Set For Life’ draws, head to the Unclaimed Prizes section of the National Lottery website here.

It could, genuinely, be your lucky day.

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