The Big Manc Quiz of the Year 2023

Get your phones, pens and paper or whatever you need at the ready — it's time for an old school quiz to round out the year that was 2023.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 31st December 2023

Ohhh yes, it’s New Year’s Eve and oh what a year it’s been: we’ve had everything from a coronation and England in a major final, to politicians on I’m A Celeb (again), celebrity boxing matches galore and so much more — and now it’s time for a quiz to sum it all up.

So much has happened in the past 12 months that it can be hard to keep track of everything but, luckily for you lot, you have sites like us that don’t just chronicle all the shenanigans but even format them into a fun little quiz.

Welcome to the maiden Big Manc Quiz of the Year — yep, completely original name — where we look back on all the biggest moments in 2023. You’ve got five questions and five categories to contend with, meaning 25 questions in total for you to prove your trivia chops are better than your mates’.

We’re keeping this analogue for all the grans out there (mainly ours, we won’t lie) who prefer the good old pen-and-paper method, so note down your answers as you and get ready to find out the answers at the end. Ready? On your marks, get set, QUIZ!

the big manc quiz of the year 2023
Time for the first-ever Big Manc Quiz of the Year. History in the making.

Big Manc Quiz of the Year 2023

General Knowledge

1. We kicked off the year by chuckling at a walrus spending last NYE masturbating on a harbour in Scarborough, but what was his name?

  • A: Wally
  • B: Thor
  • C: Richard

2. In what month was the King’s Coronation?

  • A: March
  • B: April
  • C: May

3. Which billionaire officially took over Twitter back in October?

  • A: Bill Gates
  • B: Jeff Bezos
  • C: Elon Musk

4. Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury gave birth to their first child this year, but what is their daughter called?

  • A: Ariel
  • B: Elsa
  • C: Bambi

5. Which political figure appeared in this year’s season of I’m A Celeb?

  • A: Matt Hancock
  • B: Nigel Farage
  • C: Ann Widdecombe


1. How many trophies did Manchester City win in 2023?

  • A: 3
  • B: 4
  • C: 5

2. Which England cricketer retired following this year’s Ashes tournament?

  • A: Jimmy Anderson
  • B: Stuart Broad
  • C: Moeen Ali

3. Who did the Lionesses face in the 2023 Women’s World Cup Final?

  • A: Spain
  • B: Sweden
  • C: Australia

4. Who won the Wimbledon men’s singles final?

  • A: Carlos Alcaraz
  • B: Novak Djokovic
  • C: Daniil Medvedev

5. Who won this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?

  • A: Kevin Sinfield
  • B: Frankie Dettori
  • C: Mary Earps


1. Guns N’ Roses, Arctic Monkey and which other artist headlined Glastonbury Festival this summer?

  • A: Lewis Capaldi
  • B: Elton John
  • C: Billie Eilish

2. Taylor Swift broke the record for the highest-grossing music tour ever, but was is the tour called?

  • A: The Taylor’s Version Tour
  • B: Swift Forever Tour
  • C: The Eras Tour

3. What became the UK’s most-streamed song in Spotify history back in October?

  • A: ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers
  • B: ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi
  • C: ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran

4. Liam Gallagher confirmed a new album with which former member of The Stone Roses?

  • A: Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield
  • B: John Squire
  • C: Ian Brown

5. Speaking of Gallagher’s, his big brother Noel became the first person to host a live music event at which venue back in August?

  • A: Aviva Studios
  • B: Co-op Live
  • C: Wythenshawe Park


1. Much loved Manchester pasta restaurant Sugo changed its name to what back in February?

  • A: South
  • B: Zucchero
  • C: Sud

2. Cult favourite Northern Quarter food spot Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun also closed in the same month, but what has replaced it?

  • A: Rudy’s
  • B: Kong’s NQ
  • C: NQ64

3. Which luxury London restaurant opened its first Manchester site opened in October?

  • A: Padella
  • B: Flat Iron
  • C: Sexy Fish

4. Which Greater Manchester Indian restaurant was named the ‘best curry house’ in the UK?

  • A: The Milnrow Balti Restaurant, Rochdale
  • B: The Original Third Eye, Didsbury
  • C: Mughli Charcoal Pit, Rusholme

5. A drive-thru Greggs opened in which borough back in August?

  • A: Salford
  • B: Bury
  • C: Bolton

Greater Manchester

1. Chanel took over NQ’s Thomas Street for their annual fashion show in December, but what is the name of the iconic show?

  • A: Fête des Artistes
  • B: Métiers d’Art
  • C: Vêtements Trop Chers

2. Which two Greater Manchester towns were named among the best places in the UK to buy your first home?

  • A: Prestwich and Stockport
  • B: Stockport and Altrincham
  • C: Altrincham and Middleton

3. What did Bolton Wanderers officially rename their iconic football stadium back in July?

  • A: The Macron Metropolitan Stadium
  • B: New Burnden Way
  • C: The Toughsheet Stadium

4. TV fans were shocked to discover Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire is from which borough?

  • A: Trafford
  • B: Oldham
  • C: Tameside

5. A tattoo shop went viral for doing ‘bottomless tattoos’ earlier this year but in which part of Greater Manchester is the studio located?

  • A: Wigan
  • B: Trafford
  • C: Rochdale

And that’s your lot for this year’s Big Manc Quiz, now let’s see how you did…



You ready to find out how good your memory of this year was? Answers down below:

General Knowledge

  1. B – The w***ing walrus was called Thor and he’s a filthy boy.
  2. C – Saturday, 6 May, to be specific.
  3. C – Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter is now X.
  4. C – Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s baba is called Bambi.
  5. BI’m A Celeb 2023 annoyed plenty of viewers by signing up Nigel Farage.


  1. C – They might have won the treble but the Super Cup and Club World Cup made it five.
  2. B – Stuart Broad bowed out of a glittering career as one of England’s greatest-ever bowlers.
  3. A – The England women’s just missed out on the World Cup to Spain. What a final, though, eh?
  4. A – Speaking of Spaniards, Carlos Alcaraz beat Djoko to win his first-ever Wimbledon title.
  5. C Mary ‘Queen of Stops’ Earps was Sports Personality of the Year, that’s who.


  1. B – The one and only Elton John was the third Glasto headliner.
  2. C – Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has broken all kinds of records.
  3. A – ‘Mr Brightside’ is the most-streamed song on Spotify in the UK, according to Music Week.
  4. BLiam Gallagher and John Squire are teaming up for a record and it’s going to be biblical.
  5. C – Noel Gallagher became the first ever act to play at Wythenshawe Park.


  1. C – Sugo Pasta Kitchen is no longer, now there is simply Sud.
  2. B – CBRB became the latest location for Kong’s.
  3. C – Sexy Fish opened its first Manchester site on Spinningfields.
  4. ARochdale’s Milnrow Balti Restaurant was voted the best in the UK at the Curry Oscars.
  5. C – The drive-thru Greggs in Bolton is the second to open in Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester

  1. B – Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art came to Manchester this winter.
  2. A – Prestwich and Stockport were named two of the best places to buy your first home in the UK.
  3. C – Yes, believe it or not, Bolton’s ground is now called the Toughseet Stadium. If you don’t like it…
  4. B – Sarah Lancashire’s accent isn’t from Yorkshire, it’s from Oldham.
  5. C – And last but not least, you’ll find bottomless tattoos being done over in Atherton, Wigan.

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Fin. Anything over 15 correct answers and we’re dubbing you a Manc expert and don’t worry if not, we’ll be back the same time next year for another round and The Big Manc Quiz 2024, not mention hopefully plenty of other quizzes in the meantime.

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