Spot these Man City players when they were kids

What's more competitive than football? A quiz, perhaps...

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 17th September 2023

We’re doing something different for this one and trying our hand at a quiz for you lot this time. I mean, who doesn’t love a good quiz?

The best part about this one is that you don’t need to leave the house to take part and if you still want to make it feel like you’re at a pub quiz without the threat of a potential hangover the next day, just get a couple of beers in and crack open at home.

Wow, we just got flashbacks of lockdown for a second there but don’t worry, you can still go outside, we promise!

So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road and kick off the quiz: the aim of the game is as simple as 22 men kicking a ball around on a big field — see how many of these young footballers who went on to become Man City stars you can spot. Let’s do it.

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Guess the young Man City star

You might watch these lads kick a ball about every week, but can you recognise them before they became professionals?


We need first and last name and correct spelling, please and thank you!

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1. Who is this future baller?


2 / 15

2. And this one?

3 / 15

3. Next up:

4 / 15

4. And this little lad?

5 / 15


5. What about this cheery chappy?

6 / 15

6. This one might take a sec...


7 / 15

7. Getting a bit harder now:

8 / 15

8. Ok, let's go for a former Blue. Who's this?

9 / 15

9. We'd recognise that frown anywhere — do you?

10 / 15


10. Recognise this little star in the making?

11 / 15

11. Getting towards the business end now. Who's this chap?


12 / 15

12. *DJ Khaled voice*: 'Another one.'

13 / 15

13. You should all be getting this one:

14 / 15

14. Even more of you should be able to figure this one out...

15 / 15


15. And last but not least:

Your score is


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We expect big scores from you Blues.

Either way, whether you’re a Man City fan or not, we hope you enjoyed our little quiz. After all, any quiz is good so long as you do well at it — that’s our motto.

If you did like it, let us know in the comments and, who knows, maybe we’ll do more of them…

And if you’re still fond of a proper pub quiz, there are plenty of places in and around Greater Manchester where you can enjoy one.

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