‘Disappointed’ customer who complained about pink turkey is told it was actually gammon

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th December 2021

A customer who complained about ‘very very pink’ turkey to a butchers in Oldham has been left red-faced after they pointed out the meat wasn’t actually turkey.

N L Woodcock, a family butchers in Royton in Oldham, had to break it to the customer that she’d actually ordered a gammon joint.

She’d said she’d been trying to cook the meat for an extra two hours.

Her family had to sit down to a meat-less dinner, and it was only after they’d eaten that she ‘had a nibble’ on the mystery joint and realised it was gammon.

Christmas hams at the Royton butchers. Credit: Facebook, N L Woodcock Butchers

She then apologised, and referred to herself as a ‘tw*t’.


A staff member at the butchers was so tickled by the situation that he offered to drop off a boneless turkey breast, free of charge.

They said it was the ‘best laugh’ they’d had all year.


N L Woodcock shared screenshots of the exchange with the customer.

They wrote: “So we cooked the big 12Ib Turkey yesterday and when we carved it it was still very very pink inside so we had to put it back in the oven.

“1 hour later we got it out again but still pink do my husband carved it all and put it back in because we thought it would have to cook quicker like this.


“Eventually we gave up and had Xmas dinner 2 hours late with no meat. When I went in the kitchen later I had a nibble on the outside of the now very dried out meat and realised it wasn’t a Turkey it was gammon. Very disappointed I have to say.”

The butchers replied: “Hi zoe we are sorry about that but looking at your previous messages you ordered the hamper 6 which was the full gammon joint and didn’t come with a turkey.”

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She then said: “Oh my god I’m such a tw*t. Please accept my apologies.

“Oh well it couldn’t have made Xmas worse anyway because my whole house apart from me have covid (I’m the only one who had the booster).”


After she asked if they had any turkeys left that she could buy, the local business responded: “We will drop you a boneless Turkey breast off on Wednesday.

“The price is nothing as its the best laugh I’ve had this year. Hope all the family get well soon.”

Featured image: Pxhere / Flickr