Dunelm is selling V-shaped pillows and they are well cheap


I've never seen the appeal, if I'm honest, but people absolutely love V-shaped pillows nowadays.

So for all of the V-shaped pillow fans out there, you'll be delighted to know that Dunelm's own stuffed V-shape is back on sale for just 12 quid.

The Fogarty V-shaped orthopaedic support pillow has amassed almost exclusively five star reviews on the retailer’s website with many dubbing the item “life-changing.”


The product description reads: “Offering firm support to the shoulders and back, this Fogarty v shaped pillow is specially shaped to support you whilst sitting up in bed and has been crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton for ultimate softness and durability.”

The pillow is raved aboutonline, too, with some pretty strong 5-star reviews, with one reviewer saying: "I used one of your pillows at my daughter-in-laws house and I loved it.

You can either sleep with it or else you can use it to sit up in bed. I then bought one for myself and one for an elderly friend who loved it too. An excellent item of bedding."


You heard it here first people, it's perfect for literally anyone.

You can grab yours from the Dunelm website here, read its reviews and find out more information.

Happy pillowing.

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