The Manc - These laundry baskets for clothes you've only worn once are perfect"

These laundry baskets for clothes you’ve only worn once are perfect


We've all been there – you've worn clothes for a couple of hours and they're not worthy of the washing basket yet, next to your smelly gruds from the weekend. But you're tired and you also can't be bothered hanging them up.

Fear not, lazy one, they no longer have to be strewn along the side of the bed for you to trample on.

Introducing the Wore It Once laundry bag, a game-changing basket for clothes you will most definitely wear again.


The little bag will cost you £15.45 for the large size (60cm x 76cm) or £13.45 for the travel size (46cm x 60cm).

It also comes in three different colours... There's a black one, a blue one and a red one.

If you'd rather not iron your clothes and are happy to hang them up after you've worn them, then congratulations, you're normal – however, some people just cannot grasp the idea of hanging clothes up after short-term usage, but this little bag has got your back.

The Spruce

Imagine how many university dorm room floors this bag could clear?

The bag is made from 100 per cent cotton and has a drawstring top to keep everything enclosed and out of sight – meaning you can't and won't be judged (don't count on that).

Find out more and grab yours here.

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