Tesco to make Clubcard prices ‘clearer’ in stores following watchdog advice

Which? said Tesco's decision not to display unit pricing on its Clubcard offers could be breaking the law.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st February 2024

Tesco is to start making Clubcard Prices “even clearer” in stores across the UK after a row with the leading consumer watchdog.

The supermarket‘s Clubcard loyalty scheme has more than 20 million people signed-up nationwide, making it one of the most popular of its kind on the market, by far – but over the coming weeks, members will start to see changes in the way Clubcard Prices are displayed when they’re shopping in Tesco stores.

The retailer has been advised to make the prices “even clearer” by the UK’s leading consumer watchdog.

It’s all to do with unit pricing, as Which? had said that Tesco’s decision not to display this on its Clubcard offers could, essentially, be breaking the law.

According to BBC claims, Which? reported Tesco to the regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), in June of last year, as competition rules state that unit prices could be seen as “material information”.


This means that they’re something most people would need in order to make an informed decision about how to get the best value from what they buy.

But while Tesco apparently said at the time that Which?’s claims were “ill-founded”, it looks to have changed its tune now, as the supermarket’s bosses have this week announced that unit prices will now be displayed in stores.

Consumer watchdog Which? said the supermarket could be breaking the law unless it displayed ‘unit prices’ / Credit: The Manc Group

Tesco’s UK CEO Jason Tarry said the retailer is “working harder than ever” to help make sure customers get “great value” when they shop in stores nationwide.

“We want our customers to be able to see just how well these offers stack up,” Mr Tarry said.

“If you are in store, you will now start to see that the way that we display our Clubcard Prices will not only show the total price, but also the unit price of the product (by volume or weight), to allow a direct comparison of the price per unit between the Clubcard Prices offer and the price of alternative products.”

The changes will start being introduced in all UK stores over the coming weeks / Credit: Tesco plc

Mr Tarry claims this is something Tesco’s been “planning to do for some time”, and is “pleased” the retailer is now ready to make the change.

He continued: “Over the coming weeks, these changes will appear in all our stores, as our colleagues update millions of price labels on the shelf edge, and we will also be adding these unit prices to our Clubcard Prices deals online.

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“It may be just a little extra help, but we know that every little really does help at the moment.”

Featured Image – The Manc Group