These photos from the last decade capture the dramatic transformation around the Kampus neighbourhood

The nostalgia from those old university pictures...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th October 2023

Kampus these days is one of Manchester’s most vibrant and modern neighbourhoods, and it feels so much like part of the city’s fabric that it’s easy to forget what it looked like just a few years ago. 

But those who have lived here throughout the area’s regeneration will remember this garden neighbourhood looking very different indeed. 

Until it was taken over and given a transformation by developers Capital & Centric and HBD, Kampus was part of the old Manchester Metropolitan University campus (hence its name). 

And it was looking a little worse for wear a decade ago. 

Take, for example, the tallest apartment building at Kampus. This used to be a concrete, brutalist 60s tower block, once an MMU business school.


While 60s architecture isn’t exactly looked back on with the most fondness, Kampus has reserved just enough of its character to pay homage to its history – apartments in this building have exposed concrete and waffle ceilings. 

Then there are the old warehouse buildings, now restored and boasting big beautiful windows.


Or there are the Dutch Houses built up on top of the other buildings, with luxurious double-height homes inside. 

The Bungalow – now home to a series of pop-up events and businesses (like the current alcohol free bar, With Love) – used to be an old security cabin. 

And the lush garden at the heart of Kampus was, at one point not too long ago, a car park. 


The following series of images will really remind you just how quickly this neglected corner of Manchester was given a total transformation into the Kampus of today.

In pictures: the transformation of Kampus in Manchester

The view from Minshull Street

The old tower block

Little David Street

The corner of Aytoun and Chorlton Street

Little David Street again

The main Kampus entrance

Kampus from the canal

Chorlton Street

Chorlton Street

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Featured image: The Manc Group