Erling Haaland admits Man City bought him to win the Champions League

I mean, it seems inevitable that he'll win one some day, why not City's first?

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 16th March 2023

Record-smashing striker Erling Haaland has admitted that Manchester City bought him for one key reason: to win the Champions League.

With the big Norwegian helping his team into the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday night —well, almost single-handedly launching them into it with five goals against RB Leipzig — the question once again arose as to whether or not City can actually do it this year.

As well as manager Pep Guardiola conceding that many would consider him ‘a failure’ if he falls short of winning the club’s first UCL title again this season, it being the only trophy that he hasn’t won since arriving at the Etihad, Haaland is making no bones about the job he was brought in to do either.

Speaking to CBS Sports after their massive 7-0 win, the star striker admitted: “Of course the club want to win the Champions League, they want to still win trophies. They won the Premier League four times out of the last five years so they didn’t bring me in to win the [league], they know how to do that already”.

The 22-year-old went on to say of his transfer, “you can read between the lines… I’m here to try to help the club develop even more, to try to win the Champions League for the first time.”


As for his Catalan coach, he said that the idea of ‘failure’ is something he feels on a regular basis, insisting that no matter what he does or wins, “nothing will be enough, that’s why I enjoy it”.

Back in February, Guardiola said that it took him “a few years” to understand the kind of pressure being at City has piled on, noting that many push the “perspective that everything is a disaster if you don’t win some prizes” but that he doesn’t want to put any more on himself than there already is.


He went on to quip, “I have to win three, four Champions Leagues [to be deemed a success]. Unless you are Madrid, the rest cannot do it, adding that the last two seasons we have been really close, really good games” and they will simply “try to do it again.” Having Haaland gives them more than a decent chance.

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Even without getting his chance for a double hattrick, Haaland managed to break three records in one night both on a club level and in the Champions League, so it’s safe to say the signs are looking positive.

Now on 39 goals across all competitions this season, the only question is will the goals come in the key games and the rest of the team put in the right performances in the big games?


Either way, Pep will never be happy — we blame Julia Roberts and so does he…

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Featured Image — Manchester City (via Twitter)