With bonuses, Erling Haaland is earning over £865,000 a week at Manchester City

Well it wasn't going to be a reasonable number, was it?

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 7th October 2022

This doesn’t exactly make for comfortable reading in the middle of a cost of living crisis, but a report claims to have broken down how much Erling Haaland is on a week at Manchester City. It’s a lot.

According to Mail Plus’ Mike Keegan, the 22-year-old striker is earning nearly £900,000 a week and while this might sound like a ridiculous amount even for a footballer, there is a quite an easy explanation as to why the approximate figure is so massive: bonuses.

In case you have noticed, the Norwegian goal machine is absolutely hammering the Prem already with 14 goals and three assists in just eight games. He’s also on five goals from three appearances in the Champions League. The way it’s going, he could break all kinds of records.

More poignantly, although he is said to be on a ‘basic’ wage of around £375,000 a week, his incredible return has already seen him earn a number of goal bonuses and is inevitably going to secure several others by the end of the season.

While Keegan could not break down the specifics of how much his add-ons are worth individually, he stated that Haaland is effectively earning over £865,000 a week and on track to net a cool £45 million for the year.


Despite the cost of living crisis, following the most recent government budget, footballers are actually set to make an estimated £240,000 extra a year following tax cuts – not that Haaland, or any of them need it.

But, seriously, what is it with this guy and ridiculous numbers? It’s genuinely got to the point where joking or not, people are creating petitions to have him banned from competitive football.


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City have managed to tie down a truly generational talent for five years, meaning he will almost certainly be at the club until 2027 at the very least. Chances are, given their chronic success over the past decade, he will probably stay long past then.

That’s the league done and dusted for the foreseeable then.

He could go down as one of the greatest to ever do it, at least in front of goal anyway and whether you’re a blue or not, we should just be grateful we get to watch a player of his calibre in our lifetime.


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