Gary Lineker discovers hidden phone after sex noise plays during Wolves v Liverpool FA Cup coverage

Much funnier on live TV than in your morning meeting.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 18th January 2023

Gary Lineker found himself in a rather awkward spot during last night’s coverage of the FA Cup as a very loud and recognisable sex noise was played in the middle of the broadcast. Just delightful.

Alongside pundits Danny Murphy, Paul Ince and Alan Shearer, Lineker was preparing for a typical night of talking about football as Wolves prepared to face Liverpool in the third-round replay. However, it wasn’t long before things diverged from the regularly scheduled programming.

Before the game had even kicked off, a sex noise — yes, that sex noise — began playing at full volume throughout the studio as the Match of the Day presenter was mid-sentence.

You’ve heard it a hundred times in random WhatsApp groups and amid Facebook sh*tposting but somehow it’s a lot funnier when it happens on live TV:

The ‘Lineker sex noise’ clip was one of the most interesting parts of the game, as Liverpool narrowly beat Wolves by a single goal to progress into the next round.

To be fair to the 62-year-old, who is a seasoned pro when it comes to adapting to live scenarios whilst in front of a camera, he did a very good job at keeping it together.


Meanwhile, we’re still laughing at the bit when it cuts to Shearer.

Taking to social media shortly after the surprise stunt, Lineker revealed that a mobile phone had been taped to the back of the BBC set, admitting that “as far as sabotage goes it was quite amusing” and that it was “the most fun I’ve had in years”.


In fact, he’s been a good sport about it ever since, joking that it at least got him and the show trending on Twitter and telling BBC Newsnight, “If you’d told me this morning I’d be on Newsnight talking about a porn scandal, I’d have been terrified”. Fair play, Gary.

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Since the rather high-profile prank, YouTuber Daniel Jarvis has taken credit for the gag, posting a short video on his livestream revealing how he and his co-conspirators did it.

Going by the handle ‘Jarvo 69’, the content creator has a reputation for pulling off these kinds of high-profile pranks, doing so throughout various sporting events in the UK, US and further afield — he’s even been handed prison sentences for his exploits.


Back in September 2021, he ran onto the pitch at the Oval during an England vs India cricket match and attempted to bowl a delivery. Here’s a short round-up of what he’s been up to this year:

Ah well, Gary, at least you’ve got your first joke ready for the next episode of MOTD. You can’t moan at that…

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Featured Image — BBC/Gary Lineker (via Twitter)