Joe Cole crowns Kevin De Bruyne ‘the greatest midfielder’ the Premier League has ever seen

Is he right?

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 8th April 2024

Former footballer Joe Cole has gone out on a limb to crown Kevin De Bruyne the greatest midfielder in the history of the Premier League.

Well, it’s not that much of a limb in truth, but they’re big words nonetheless.

The debate surrounding where Kevin De Bruyne ranks among the greatest midfielders the Premier League has ever seen – Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard, Viera and so on – is one that’s been circulating for many years now and it’s quite the honour to even be mentioned in the same breath as these players.

However, a bit of a legend in his own right when it comes to the English top flight, Cole has now claimed that not only does he “stand shoulder to shoulder” with any of these greats but that he’s started to cement his place above them as “the Godfather of attacking midfielders”.

Joe Cole dubs Kevin De Bruyne ‘the Godfather’ of attacking mids in the Prem.

The 42-year-old went on to say, “I think he sits above everyone, I really do, and I include Frank [Lampard] and [Paul] Scholes and Stevie [Steven Gerrard] and everyone in that”.


“I think he’s moving up and they are great players of their time and it’s always difficult to compare eras because the game, the rules change; the pitch has changed, the ball has changed, the training methods – everything changes but he’s certainly the best of this era and he’s just outstanding.”

This comes after De Bruyne was once again instrumental in Manchester City‘s 4-2 win over Crystal Palace, grabbing a brace and assists for Erling Haaland’s 30th goal in all competitions this season against the home side on Saturday.


He is by no means the only one to back this claim with Jürgen Klopp recently admitting that De Bruyne is just as good if not better than Gerrard, while the Liverpool and England legend himself went so far as to dub him “the best in the world”.

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Even with injury problems here and there, having spent most of this season on the sidelines, the 32-year-old continues to prove that class is permanent; if anything, you could argue he’s looking better than ever — and we don’t just mean the nice new trim.

Having made it 100 goals in blue, as well as 158 assists in just under a decade at the club, manager Pep Guardiola was full of praise for the Belgian, not only labelling both of his finishes “unbelievable” but applauding him on his unwavering quality since arriving at the Etihad.


“Ten years in Man City, the numbers, the presence, the consistency has been amazing,” said Pep, adding: “[He’s one] one of the best players in all our history of Man City.”

You can watch the highlights from Man City’s crucial away win in the title race that looks like it’s going to run right down to the wire HERE and as for you trying to nail down the greatest midfielder this league has ever seen, you don’t need to convince us.

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