Stockport County promise to lower ticket prices after fans complain of ‘outrageous’ hike

'£20 a game should be the limit for any club in this league.'

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 22nd June 2023

Stockport County have issued a statement confirming that they will be lowering their ticket prices ahead of next season after a raft of complaints from fans.

Following their promotion back to the EFL, recent refurbishment to the stadium and the “rising costs” across the board over the past couple of seasons, County saw fit to increase matchday prices ahead of the new campaign whilst still hoping to “minimise the price rises for season ticket holders.”

As a result, the club decided to raise the standard walk-up prices for adult tickets from £20 to £22 — not a huge bump, to be fair but every penny counts; however, when it came to the most in-demand fixtures, prices were increased to between £25 and £27.

Unsurprisingly, with the current cost of living crisis affecting everyone, many fans described the hike as everything from “laughable” and “outrageous” to “pricing the average fan out of [going to games]“. Issuing a response to the backlash, the Greater Manchester side are now course-correcting.

Stockport County have agreed to lower ticket prices following negative reaction from fans.
But some fans still aren’t happy with the increase.
This one of many similar replies.

As the Hatters’ statement reads: “Our season ticket holders are very important to us and are an integral part of the club, so we believed their loyalty should be prioritised where possible. We also appreciate not everyone is in a position to afford a full season ticket and we wish to remain accessible to all supporters.


“We have listened to fans’ feedback and on reflection, this increase for these high-demand fixtures was too high and, as a result, we’ve made some changes to the prices and structure…

“It’s always difficult balancing rising costs, affordability for supporters and our mission to make the club long-term financially sustainable.”


Sharing their newly revised matchday prices, here’s how much it will now cost to go and watch a Stockport County game:

Stockport County lower ticket prices
Adult season tickets are £435 or £405 for existing members renewing (Credit: Stockport County)

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Parting on a message recognising supporters’ patience, the club ended their statement by saying, “We won’t always get it right but we’re a club that listens to fans and we can’t wait to have you back at Edgeley Park next season. Thanks for your ongoing support.”

Many fans understand the club’s ambitions and desire to climb further back up the pyramid, only narrowly missing out on back-to-back promotions into League One at the of this past season, but the consensus seemed to be that the initial figures were simply unreasonable for tier four football.


While the majority are still very much of the long-standing opinion, “twenty’s plenty”, it’s good to see the club engaging with their supporters so directly, swiftly and honestly.

In contrast, at the top end of English football, some fans are even struggling to get a spare ticket off their mate…

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Featured Image — Stockport County (via Twitter)