Blossoms fans evacuated from Stockport Plaza just before band’s homecoming gig

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 3rd May 2022

The audience for Blossoms’ homecoming gig had to be evacuated moments before the band took to the stage.

A fire alarm was sounded inside Stockport Plaza, forcing crowds to immediately leave the building.

Blossoms have since apologised for the disruption, assuring fans that it was a ‘false alarm’.

The indie rockers are performing at the legendary venue to celebrate the launch of their new album, Ribbon Around The Bomb.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that a member of staff inside Stockport Plaza asked people to leave ‘due to circumstances beyond our control’ adding: “Unfortunately I’m not joking.”


Blossoms posted on Twitter: “Sorry about the fire alarm that went off at @StockportPlaza1. All sorted now. False alarm. The venue’s letting everyone back in now so we’ll see you on stage very shortly x”

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One person said: “The most British fire evacuation ever as everyone piles from Stockport Plaza and straight into the pub opposite.”

Someone else Tweeted: “Couldnt make it up! Cant wait to see you!”

The hotly-anticipated homecoming gig for the Stockport five-piece comes just days after their intimate concert at Band on The Wall.

Featured image: Publicity picture / Flickr