A brand new shop dedicated entirely to Funko Pops has opened up in Stockport

One for the Manc collectors.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 11th April 2024

Great news for the figurine enthusiasts amongst you as a brand new shop dedicated almost entirely to the world of Funko Pops has just opened up in Stockport town centre.

Be it little toys, vintage coins or something as simple as an eye-catching beer mat or cool glass from a local pub, we all like to collect little bits and bobs here and there, but for lovers of Funko Pops, it’s serious business.

Probably up there with one of the most popular categories of collector’s items in the world of hobbyists, Funko Pops have been huge for over a decade now and even if you don’t recognise the name right away, you’ll almost certainly have spotted them in the likes of HMV, WHSmiths, supermarkets and more.

Now though, for fans of the small plastic statues, you no longer have to only head into the city centre and the likes of Forbidden Planet, Travelling Man or Be More Geek to get a glimpse at the wider collection of Funko Pops available here in the UK as a new store has just opened up in 0161.

Online merchandise retailer Titan Pops UK has been around since 2021, specialising in selling officially licensed Funko Pops, plushies of your favourite TV, film and gaming characters, Pokémon cards and a plethora of other stuff.


After a few years of building up a regular and dedicated customer base and popping up (see what we did there?) at the local market, the brand has now unveiled its flagship brick-and-mortar shop, putting down roots at Graylaw House on Chestergate over in Stockport – no, not the pub

Situated as one of only a small handful of dedicated Funko Pop shops in Greater Manchester, local fans will be able to get their hands on popular ranges Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and Pokémon, just to name a few. Trust us, they’ve got plenty.


Opening for business at the end of March, Titan Pops SK not only boasts some rarer Funko Pop collectables that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the ten boroughs but plenty of other merchandise too.

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From t-shirts, Loungefly rucksacks, Tubbz figurines too and a wide variety of other officially licensed merchandise – we’re even talking things like Iron Man soda (cans of fizzy pop to us Northerners) – you’ll find plenty of pop culture goodies to be enjoyed here.

Starting off by opening from 9am-5pm on Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sunday, as well as late-night shift on Wednesdays from (4:30 until 7pm), they’re the new go-to destination for you Funko Pops fanatics when the smaller selections here in the likes of the city centre have been exhausted.


They’re even selling off mystery boxes of mixed items for an added bit of fun and excitement.

We always love it when a new opening caters to a niche that people are passionate about and they’re also a local family-run business, so even better. That being said, if you’re into your Funko Pops, now you know where to go find a shedload of them.

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Featured Images — Titan Pop UK (via Facebook)