Beloved Manchester vintage store Retro Rehab is closing its doors with a big sale

Kenny McRae, 52 Frames

Retro Rehab, the beloved local vintage store, is ending its 15-year residence in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as it begins its transition to online shopping.

Retro Rehab, which prides itself on an affordable selection of curated period garments and accessories, has been a go-to destination for many of Manchester’s vintage shoppers over the years.

Their skilful reworking of old pieces into something new is the perfect balance of classic and modern styles, but owners have confirmed the bricks and mortar store will close at the end of September.

Retro Rehab

For many shops, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in reduced sales and footfall; with small businesses and independent boutiques impacted severely.

“Since re-opening the shop it’s clear that a lot of people still feel more comfortable shopping from home,” the Retro Rehab team says.

“The experience of going for a wander round the shops just isn’t the same as it used to be.”

Whilst this may be the end of an era for many, Retro Rehab won’t vanish.

Instead, the brand is moving to a new studio to kickstart their online venture.

“We are moving into a fabulous new studio space, which will allow us to bring you the absolute best in affordable vintage, online,” owners confirmed.

This new venture will not only see their rainbow of reworked dresses in an online store rather than a physical one, they’ll also be available internationally.

Retro Rehab are hosting a massive sale to clear out most of their stock before the closure of their Oldham Street store.

All details are available on their Facebook page.

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