Summer skirts you should wear in 2021

Now that the hot months are approaching fast, you can’t wait to take off a few layers and try on new summer clothes.

The Manc The Manc - 30th June 2021

The wait is almost over. We can still expect a bit of cold weather, but it is fair to say that summer is coming. Considering the difficult time we all experienced since the Covid-19 outbreak, it is particularly special this year.

Things are slowly getting back to normal and it is a huge relief for everyone. Now that the hot months are approaching fast, you can’t wait to take off a few layers and try on new summer clothes. However, during the past 15 months you have hardly thought about fashion and you are wondering what to wear. If you like stylish skirts, at Shein they have a vast collection that you could take a look at. With this fantastic Shein voucher code you could buy charming skirts at a ridiculous price.

If you are looking for a skirt to wear during the day when you are going shopping or strolling around the park, our first choice would be a high waist ruffle asymmetrical wrap skirt. It would be very pretty! It might be kind of flirty, but it wouldn’t be too pretentious. This type of skirt would be perfect for your casual routine and we guess you will be showered with compliments. Although black and white would be a simple and pleasant combination, use your imagination when choosing the colour.

Let’s assume instead that you are planning a night out with your friends. Obviously you want to look nice, but you know that it will be a fairly relaxed evening and you are not too worried about having to impress anyone. You could think of a long column skirt in a ditsy floral pattern. Take one that has a bit of a split and there are good chances you will look divine. If you are wondering how to match it, we highly recommend you pair it with ankle boots and a long sleeve t-shirt. If you follow boho-chic trends, you will love it.

A date might require something slightly different. We would suggest an elegant skirt that makes you look mature. It doesn’t mean that you have to intimidate the person you are going out with, but you will be happier if you boost your confidence with a classy outfit. You could consider a long pencil skirt, ideally with an abstract graphic print. It would be an original and interesting solution: whether you choose a colourful or a white one, the unusual pattern will capture the attention.   


We wouldn’t be surprised if you were invited to at least one formal event this summer. In this case, a lovely option would be an elastic waist pleated skirt. Sharp pleats will flare your silhouette. You will still be comfortable, especially if you pick one made of a slight stretch fabric. Since you need it for an occasion, we would go for a dusty blue or baby pink version (dark green or navy blue would work fine as well if you prefer a casual style). Wear it with high heels and we promise you will be stunning.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget about short skirts. Not everyone likes to wear them, but if you find the right fit, why not? Every now and then it feels good to be sassy. Perhaps you could pick a frill trim skirt with cute little dots. It is up to you to choose the colour you fancy the most. If you wear a nice sweater on top, you will have a perfectly balanced look.  

We got your skirts covered, but now is time to make some plans. Summer is the best season for music festivals: attending a concert with a windy breeze on a summer night is an almost incomparable feeling. If you want to have some fun, the magazine Condé Nast Traveller provides a guide for 30 of the best UK festivals in 2021