The Fallowfield clothing brand styling Manchester’s students

The official brand of Studentland.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 26th March 2021

Fallowfield is synonymous with Manchester’s student population and its party atmosphere – but there’s one group committed to putting this neighbourhood on the style map.

Fallow Garms was launched in November 2020 by two Mancs aiming redefine the term ‘student style’ – giving Fallowfield’s lively community a voice in the process.

To start with, it was just a humble side project for co-founders Josh and Josh, who launched the brand as a way to experiment with style.

But fast-forward to 2021 and Fallow Garms is offering top-quality vintage and retro garments that fit the streets of Fallowfield perfectly.

The authentic clothing has caused a real commotion in Studentland – accumulating 2,000 Instagram followers mere months after the initial launch.

Fallow Garms

“We stock up on lots of retro, streetwear, vintage and secondhand clothing with both branded and unbranded products”, Josh explains.

“We both had an interest in fashion and vintage clothing and we wanted to create an interesting brand whilst also starting up a business to keep ourselves busy during lockdown.


“We also wanted to create a fashion community right in the heart of Fallowfield, where students (especially first years) could follow us on social media and visit our pop-up shop.”

Fallow Garms is not only dedicated to styling students, but it also boasts affordable, student-friendly prices that are hard to turn down.

“We very rarely list any items above the £20-£30 price range,” Josh explains.


“This allows for students to feel that they can come and visit our shop and be in the mindset that they can afford our products.”

It’s clear that, for Fallow Garms, your finance shouldn’t restrict your fashion.

The brand has also collaborated with Haus Fallowfield to create a pop-up shop experience, which will be returning on April 12 to allow students to browse their collection in person.

“We will be taking bookings of 45-minute slots from 12pm-6pm, through our Instagram DM’s,” Josh explains.

“If any students and their flat mates want to come and visit, get on it soon before all the best products go!”

You can check out Fallow Garms’ collection of Fallowfield fashion on their Instagram and Depop pages.